Mirror Makeover

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You have a little damaged mirror, or you found a beautiful mirror at a garage sale, but it has some deteriorated parts. Here’s how to give it a glow up.

Mirrors are a must in our home, they can really elevate the look of a space and even help you play with the dimensions in your home.

Now, imagine you can customize one and give a shine up to your home and your selfies.

For this renovation you will need the following materials; 

– Mirror

– Brushes

– Isipropyl alcohol

– Wipes

– PPG ULTRALAST™ Interior Latex

– Permanent Marker Pen

– FLOOD ® FLOETROL ® Latex Based Paint Additive

Ready to go? Let’s get to work.

– The first thing is to clean the mirror very well with the cloth and alcohol, to remove dust and anything or substance that has the mirror, so that the paint adheres well.

– Once the mirror is dry, mark the design of your choice with the marker. If you make a mistake while tracing the design, don’t worry, you can erase it with a tissue or cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

– Paint your design with PPG ULTRALAST™ Interior Latex paint and wait for it to dry between coats, approximately 3 hours.

– Once the paint is dry, apply a coat of FLOOD ® FLOETROL ® Latex Based Paint Additive to seal the paint and make your design last. Place the mirror in the place you like and upload your first selfie!!

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