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The kitchen is one of the places in our home, where we spend many important moments, from quick breakfasts every morning, emotional conversations, to making special dinners. If you ask us, we all have a story in the kitchen.

Because of the value this room has in our home and in life, it’s important that it has the perfect ambiance, as it can also help with inspiration.

First let’s talk about things to consider.

-The color of the appliances and cabinets is important when choosing to change the look of the kitchen. They should make a pleasing contrast to the eye. Another option you have is to paint the cabinets as well to make a complete makeover.

-The size of the kitchen is important, consider that if it is a small space, light colors will give it the feeling of more amplitude.

Now, let’s talk about colors!

Beige is always a great choice because it is a warm, cozy and elegant color. It also brings a lot of brightness and is quite easy to combine. This color is a safe choice for any size kitchen, as it guarantees a comfortable space. Candlelit Beige PPG1207-1 is a pale, bright, sun-soaked white paint color with a dandelion undertone. It is a perfect paint color for any room in your home. Pair it with more brightly colored décor items or other bright paint colors.

Yellow tends to fill spaces with a vivid light. It is a bright color and can result in a cheerful and cozy kitchen. It also tends to be very easy to combine with other colors; for example, the metallics of appliances, or the light and dark tones of cabinets. We find Fall Gold PPG1205-7 to be a perfect choice, a dark, pure, sun-soaked yellow with a dandelion undertone. It is a perfect paint color for a living room. Pair it with a few understated art pieces.

Surely a color you haven’t seen in a kitchen is pink. A great ally if you use it in pastel tones, it will fill the space with light, while giving it a bold and youthful touch. A pastel or aged pink tone, with white furniture, will give your kitchen a cozy and cheerful light; with dark shades it can be a very attractive contrast.

Taffy PPG1182-2 a color light, bright, fun fuchsia pink with a magenta undertone. It is a perfect paint color for all wall and ceiling. Pair it with perky greens.

Something more classic is blue, which like pink, pastel blue looks great with dark and light furnishings, filling the kitchen with light. Although lately we have seen many kitchens in an indigo blue, which makes the kitchen look much more elegant.

Daring Indigo PPG1166-7 is a dark, muted, blueberry blue-purple with a wisteria undertone.

Find a color that fits the personality of your home and makes that space memorable. PPG has the products that will make your kitchen look amazing.