About PPG Paint Store — Committed to the Southwest Region for Over 40 Years

PPG Paint Store has been helping keep El Paso and the surrounding communities more colorful for over 40 years. We help any customer in need of painting supplies for residential and commercial purposes. With two locations in El Paso, we make it simple no matter which side of town you reside in. 

No matter how much the city of El Paso changed over the years, we’ve always upheld the highest values and customer service possible. The team at PPG Paint is always faithful to our customers by giving the best quality products and service to really give back the value in their purchase. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the top paint supplier in the El Paso region and help every client by helping choose color pallets, providing the proper supplies, and always having the inventory you need when you need it. We aim to provide products within the hour or same-day because we know your projects are a priority. We ensure that we have the proper inventory to complete anything you are working on. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a complete paint supply store that is always capable of providing for any client that needs our services. We want to help you complete your projects without worrying about the supplies you need. 

Contact PPG Paint Store For All Your Painting Needs 

Give us a call today, or come by our storefront for any painting materials you’re looking for to start and complete your project. We have everything for interior and exterior paint jobs, along with industrial coatings for any business. You can also visit our corporate PPG Paint website for a complete look at what we can offer as a company!