PPG FLOORING Commercial Applications

What’s an effective system for schools and universities?

The PPG FLOORING General Purpose system is one of the most economical options. It provides an easy to apply, self-leveling system that is seamless and durable.

What comprises the system?

The system is created by utilizing PPG FLOORING Concrete Epoxy Primer followed by PPG FLOORING Self-Leveling Epoxy. The low viscosity Concrete Epoxy Primer wets the surface and penetrates to seal the concrete, reducing outgassing of the topcoat. The 100% solids Self-Leveling Epoxy topcoat is available in 7 colors with a professional, high gloss finish. It’s easily applied at 16-18 mils and delivers an impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant surface to withstand repeated use; providing a low maintenance, easy to clean solution for years to come. Just like any other coatings job, the key to success includes up-front preparation with sufficient abrasion and profile, along with concrete patch and crack repair with PPG FLOORING Epoxy Crack Filler.

Are there any options beyond the solid colors offered?

 If you want to create a more interesting look and go beyond two coats, then PPG FLOORING Decorative Flakes can be partially broadcast or broadcast to rejection right after the application of the Self-Leveling Epoxy. Once dry, the flakes should be scraped and vacuumed, and a final clear coat of Self-Leveling Epoxy should be applied. PPG Decorative Flakes are ¼” and available in 9 on-trend color blends.