Color inspo

Decorate with pink tones

Psychologically, colors generate sensations, this can be used to your advantage when decorating your spaces, you can express your personality in the rooms, as well as help generate some kind of emotion in the people who are in the room.

The first color we will talk about is pink.

It is a color with many positive qualities. It is an optimistic color and is linked to innocence and charm, in addition to its calming power. According to Feng Shui, this color helps reduce negative thoughts and creates an atmosphere of affection, wrapping the space in a loving and affectionate atmosphere; this makes it ideal for a couple’s room.

In a kitchen, this color can take you into a mid-1950s vibe. In the bathroom, it gives you a sense of calm.

There are many ways to apply it depending on the shade you want to use. If you use a tone like Fuchsia Flock, the ideal is a single wall combined with neutral tones, such as white, to create balance and harmonize the room.

To paint your bathroom in this color you can use a shade like Candy Mix, ideal for giving light and creating a calm atmosphere. Use decorative elements in gold tones to enhance the style. Using plants will make it cozier and accentuate the pink, as they are complementary colors on the color wheel.

A shade like Pink Punch can be ideal for painting the exterior of a house in a warm place. It will complement details of the house with sand tones, another tip is to highlight the color with nature, the green color perfectly complements this color. TIMELESS® Exterior Paint + Primer is ideal for exteriors due to its resistance to extreme climates.

At PPG we have a wide variety of different shades of pink, in various lines that adapt to what you and your projects are looking for.