Clor Inspo: Blue

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What does blue convey?

As we saw in the last entry of this blog, colors give us sensations that can play in your favor with the atmosphere that you wish to give to your spaces, because they can even influence our mood.

Month after month we will talk about what colors produce in our minds without us realizing it, in this way you can choose the color that best suits the emotions you want to predominate in people who are in your spaces.

This month it’s blue’s turn.

A color in cold tones, which we innocently associate with tranquility and cold climates. In addition to providing these emotions, this color has a connotation of elegance, the darker the shade of blue, the more it is unconsciously associated with royalty, not in vain there is the “imperial blue” tone, used by several luxury brands for men to use it on costumes. This tone combined with neutral tones gives an atmosphere of elegance.

In which rooms can I use the color blue?

It is a color full of shades that range from very light, some with a little gray or green, to some similar to black.

You can use it in:

The bedroom will give an atmosphere of tranquility and this will promote a good rest, but you must ensure that there is very good lighting in the room, otherwise it will give a cold sensation. A good way to contrast is with decoration in beige or gold tones, in addition to giving fresh touches with plants. A good option for these shades is Victory Blue, this color is perfect to accentuate any wall, and put a contrasting painting or a mirror with a gold frame.

To enliven the blue color, it is ideal to apply the combination of colors that helps maintain a balance and accentuate the blue color.

In medical offices it is very common to see the color blue because it is associated with health, in addition to providing an environment of professionalism, seriousness and trust, essential elements for a space dedicated to health. Depending on the specialty you can play with the tonalities and undertones; a dental office might have colors like Duck’s Egg Blue, Diamond Blue or High Dive. Play with neutral tones to balance and create a cozy atmosphere.

For the living room or TV room, it is perfect if what you want is to create a feeling of tranquility and calm, it is a special place, since it is normally the space in which families gather and have moments of rest. To give it a warm, fun and quite daring touch, you can take a risk and combine it with white, apple green, all earth, purple.

The Jamaican Sea color is spectacular to give a different style to your spaces.

In the kitchen, Surf’s Up will give a different and elegant touch to such an important space in the home. Use furniture in light tones, white and brown will stand out incredible with this color. You must take into account that blue is not commonly used in this space or in the dining room, because it is a color that reduces the feeling of hunger.

Always try to mix light colors to maintain balance and not overly saturate the room.