The Best Time Of Year To Repaint Your Home Interior

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woman painting her home interior

It’s summer! So, as many have discovered that the summer is the best time to paint the exterior of their homes, does that mean it’s also time to paint the interior? Well, one would rightfully assume that with the summer heat and what it does for the exterior of your home, the same could be said for the interior. However, contrary to popular belief, winter is actually the most suitable time for interior painting. During the winter months, humidity is much lower, especially in our region. With lower humidity levels, there is less moisture in the air and will help with quicker drying times. That’s not the only reason either! 

Save Money On Your Interior Painting Projects

During the winter months, the overall demand for interior painting supplies and services is significantly less compared to any other time of the year. This is primarily due to the misconception that the summer and spring months are the best time to paint. If you’re just looking into painting services and supplies, give your local dealer a call to compare pricing between summer and winter to find out! 

Consistent Weather Conditions 

No matter when you actually decide to paint your home, look at the weather for that entire week. By checking the weather forecast and scheduling out the right time is vital to avoid major painting errors. It’s especially important since the time it takes to prepare the surfaces, painting, drying, and priming will all depend on the overall weather and air temperature. During the winter in our region, the temperature barely fluctuates. So, it makes it more accessible to get these painting jobs done without significant interruptions. 

How Humidity Affects Interior Paint 

More often than not, the winters are less humid than the summers. However, if you do feel that the air in your home is humid during that time, there are things you can do to help treat it. First, know that particles of moisture in the air are what cause humidity. The more of these particles there are, the higher the humidity will be overall. If the air is full of moisture, then the paint will have trouble drying since the wet air will also keep the paint wet. If the liquid component of paint remains, then the paint won’t properly bond to the wall. The paint can then sag, pick up dust and dirt, and also get smudged easily when moving items back into the room. 

How Dry Air Helps Cure Interior Paint

If there’s too much moisture in the air, then it can also shorten the lifespan of the paint by causing it to crack or bubble. Too much humidity can prevent the paint from curing properly. Even if it’s wet or humid, your home heating system can help dry the inside of the home. This will also provide the benefit of helping it dry faster. The most uniform drying temperature is when the humidity is somewhere between 40-70%. Since paint cures through the evaporation process, this means the room will draw out the moisture from the paint. 

Our Top Reason For Choosing The Winter…

Summer is too busy! Go have fun in the sun, take that vacation and do something exciting! 

You’ll be far too tired to paint your house with all the summer activities going on around you. 

PPG Paints Has All The Interior Paint Supplies You Need

When you’re ready to take on your next winter or summer painting project, come by PPG Paints. We can provide you with all the supplies and materials you need for a successful painting job. No matter what time of the year it is, our team is ready to help make your paint project a masterpiece! Give us a call or come by our locations today!